About Us

The story of JDLsagroup foundation began in South Africa.
JDL active areas are Refinery Robotic tanks cleaning, Waste management, Energy drink, Commodity, Fuel Trading (LPG, AVIATION FUEL, GASOIL, JP-A1) Refinery coke drum skirt holes and slot cutting technology, Export and Import, Chemical additive and consulting services.
JDL continues to negotiate to establish an LPG cylinder factory in South Africa.
Group of companies has been developed with an experienced management team and a good relationship with the global market. The success in our corporate business is researching for professional trades, secured business and well-established relations for both parties set out in law.
JDLsagroup of companies supplies stable high-quality products to its customer chains in the global market.

OUR SERvices

JDLsagroup of companies has established strong relationships with the Solution Partners and provides quality service to its customers. With 15 Years of Experience We help you turn vision into reality. The values of our customers and partners are at the forefront.

The JDLsagroup of Companies

JDLsagroup is an umbrella brand which has a direct interest in several companies serving a diverse scope of industries from robotic tank cleaning to Petroleum product, energy drinks. Download the JDLsagroup profile