Avgas is a specialized fuel used to power piston engine aircraft.
Aviation gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that vary widely in their physical and chemical properties. The properties of avgas must be properly balanced to give reliable and safe engine performance over a wide range of aircraft operating conditions.
AVGAS is the most commonly used fuel for piston engines. Avgas contains a highly toxic lead additive in order to achieve high octane ratings and is coloured according to the grade. For example, 100LL (low lead) AVGAS is dyed blue.
AVGAS is not to be confused with AVTUR (Aviation Turbine Fuel) or AVJET which are jet fuels.
Our terminal is located on a 19,3-hectare site next to Gromovo town, Priozrsky district Leningradsky region.
It is one of the most technically advanced oil products re-handling and distilling terminals nearby St. Petersburg.
AVGAS 100 LL AND AVGAS B-91/115 You can see the quality certificate of the products by downloading the pdf below.

Packaging, Storage And Transportation
Aviation gasoline AVGAS 100LL is delivered in a special tank trucks, iso-tank containers and steel drums approved for transport of aviation gasoline . Make sure that the packaging in which gasoline will be transported is clean, dry and undamaged. Each package unit as well as truck’s transport documents should clearly and permanently indicate.
Properly stored aviation gasoline meets requirements of the above specification
in a period of not less than 12 months from the date of manufacture.