Mining Management

AGL Mining is a Turkey based company established in 2016 according to Turkish laws.
The company provides services to companies around the world to provide engineering, reporting, consultancy and facility pre-support. AGL has determined the proven reserves in dozens of mining sites so far and prepared preliminary study reports. Among these mines, there are many metal and precious metal mines such as Gold, copper, iron, bauxite etc.
AGL made a corporation with JDSLA Group and opened a branch in the Republic of South Africa in 2020 to have a say in the African gold mining leg. AGL has been working at full speed for the development of gold mine fields in Africa over the past year. We are having strong corporations in Turkey, South Africa and West Africa.

Who We Are ?

We are an experimented engineering team which is focused on mine development. We are ready to accompany you in all stages of a mine from preliminary research to production.

Our Mission & Vision

We are here to make your investment successful with minimal risk. The important thing is the risk analysis you make on the table before making your investment.