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T 1000 DTW (Dirty Tank Wash)

Dirty Tank Wash Improved Formula

T1000 – DTW is the only safe, reusable and environmentally responsible industrial pipe and tank cleaning solution on the market. 

T1000 – DTW addresses hydrocarbon build up in tanks and pipes that presents in the form of sludge, grime, asphaltenes and waxes or contaminants. 

T1000 – DTW has been used in several applications where it has delivered consistent outstanding results for our customers. Traditional toxic hydrocarbon-based cleaners or high-pressure water blasting leaves a waste product that cannot be reused or recycled and is expensive to dispose of.  To date there has never been a product option that not only significantly reduces the environmental impact but also completely eliminates the inherent OHS risk.

The benefits are:
T1000 – DTW is unique in its formulation as it is completely environmentally responsible whilst combating the hydrocarbon on a molecular level.
Reusable. Not only does T1000 DTW significantly reduce the impact on the environment through its unique formulation, but as it is reusable many times, it further proves its incredible environmental accreditation.
 Low cost. Traditional tank cleaning is an expensive process with high labour and safety costs as well as significant down time for the tank or infrastructure.

T1000 DTW reduces this down time by over 60% as well as costing around 50% of traditional cleaning systems
60% less tank downtime – No entry means safer process –
We repurpose the material, making it more eco-friendly- Less overall cost than manual tank cleaning Reusable –
Transforms hydrocarbon sludge-Reduces viscosity-Increases flow.

In the USA alone there has been 51 recorded deaths in the last 15 years within the tank cleaning industry.
T1000 DTW and the unique cleaning process completely eliminates these safety risks as there is no need for high risk confined space works.

Value adding
With traditional cleaning methods for the fuel, oil and asphalt sectors, the waste is generally destined for land fill.
Using T1000 – DTW this waste becomes a reusable or saleable product, thus further increasing the profitability of T1000 – DTW and the unique cleaning process.

Where Can I Use T1000 – DTW
Oil / Fuel Storage
Fuel Tankers
Shipping Tankers
Bitumen Factory
Bitumen Tankers
Oil Pipelines
Road Tankers
Rail Tankers
Fuel supply Lines
Bitumen Pipes

T1000 – DTW Physical Make Up
No hydrocarbons
Bio degradable